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  Part 37 - Sutton Crime Part 1 - The first of three pages devoted to curious crimes and court cases in Sutton, St.Helens. The 11 articles in this page are entitled ‘Murder and Suicide on a Train’, ‘Irish Terrorism in Sutton’, ‘Midnight Coup in Lancashire’, ‘Indecent Behaviour in a Churchyard’, ‘Two Candidates for the Ragged School’, ‘Trouble at Rolling Mill’, ‘The Raid on the Sutton Tossers’, ‘The Drunken Hearse Driver’, ‘The Shooting of a Bold Poacher’, ‘The Great Railway Robbery’ and ‘The Attempted Axe Murder of a Stepfather at St.Helens’.
  Part 38 - Sutton Crime Part 2 - The second of three pages devoted to curious crimes and court cases in Sutton, St.Helens. The 10 articles in this page are entitled ‘The Breach of Promise and Seduction of a 17-Years-old Sutton Girl’, ‘A Madman in a Monastery’, ‘A Policeman's Lot was not a Happy One!’, ‘The Shooting of Michael Noonan’, ‘The Legal and Illegal Beating of Boys’, ‘Seduction of a Sutton Builder’s Daughter’, ‘Brutal Murder of Walter Davies’, ‘Red Tape in Old Sutton’, ‘Poetic Justice in Sutton Manor and 'The Very Strange Case of Alderman Boscow’.
  Part 39 - Sutton Crime Part 3 - The third of three pages devoted to curious crimes and court cases in Sutton, St.Helens. This page features brief accounts of over 100 cases, which are related in about four or five lines and which are not described elsewhere in this website.
  Part 40 - Sutton Tragedy Part 1 - The first of three pages devoted to tragic cases in Sutton, St.Helens. The seven articles in this page are entitled ‘Tragic Drowning of Two Boys’, 'Dad's Army Tragedy’, ‘The Three Heroic Sutton Nurses’, ‘Tragedy of a Pond’, ‘The Luck of the Irish?’, ‘Death Under Chloroform’ and ‘The Ironic Tale of the Fortune Teller and the Ditton Train Crash’.
  Part 41 - Sutton Tragedy Part 2 - The second of three pages devoted to tragic cases in Sutton, St.Helens. The eleven articles in this page are entitled ‘Strange Confession of the Distraught Mum’, ‘Legendary Curse of St.Anne's Well’, ‘The Tragic Demise of Sutton Nash's Owd Tolly’, ‘Tragic Suicide of Annie Makin’, ‘The Rabid Railway Shunter from Herbert Street’, ‘The Romantic Suicide’, ‘The Drunken Steeplejack’, ‘Crossing The Line – Rail Deaths in Old Sutton’, ‘Maternal Murder and Suicide’, ‘Child Tragedies in Old Sutton’ and ‘The Sutton National School Storm’. There is also an appendix article entitled ‘When The Dead Went To The Pub! – Coroners Inquests in Old Sutton’.
  Part 42 - Sutton Tragedy Part 3 - The third of three pages devoted to tragedies in Sutton, St.Helens. This page features brief accounts of more than 40 tragic and unusual deaths, which are related in a few lines and not described elsewhere within this website. Titles include ‘Died from Opening a Tin of Mustard’, ‘Dead Baby in Washing Mystery’, ‘A Tramp's Sad End’, ‘Strange Suffocation Case’ and ‘Morris Street Mother's Sad Death’.
  Part 43 - Sutton at War Part 1 - As well as an introductory article, this page features articles and sections entitled ‘Sutton Bond Munitions’, ‘Sgt. John Molyneux VC’, ‘Cpl. John Davies VC’, ‘Pte. Thomas Griffiths’, ‘Pte. William Bate’, ‘Zeppelin Attack at Bold’, ‘B24 Battery Cob Crash’, ‘Military Graves’, ‘Sherdley and the Red Cross Fund’ and ‘Captain Hughes's Homecoming’.
  Part 44 - Sutton at War Part 2 – War Notes & Photos - This page contains miscellaneous Sutton & Bold wartime / military notes and photographs. There are over ninety notes which vary in length and the information is presented in approximate chronological order from 1634 and is accompanied by more than thirty pictures.
  Part 45 - Sutton at War Part 3 - Poison Gas Works - For nearly 40 years Sutton hosted a major poison gas works off Reginald Road, where the Abbotsfield Road industrial estate is now. Between the wars it became the UK's main centre for research, development and production of chemical warfare agents. Although primarily a research facility, for the first six months of WWII the plant was the sole manufacturer of mustard gas in the country. The Sutton Oak Chemical Defence Research Establishment also pioneered research into nerve agents, including the deadly sarin.
  Part 46 - Sutton at War Part 4 - What’s Wrong With Sutton - It was the height of the Great War but for two months during the summer of 1915 there was another talking point in the columns of the St.Helens Reporter, "What’s Wrong With Sutton?" Headlines included 'Scandalous Gossip At Sutton' and 'The Women Who Sprawl On The Flags' as the newspaper printed a series of lurid letters alleging character assassination and inappropriate behaviour by Sutton lasses. It led to a soldier in France sending a lengthy letter to the Reporter to exonerate the reputation of a young lady. Then the paper sent a reporter to comb Sutton’s streets for evidence of the women, who their correspondents claimed, had far too much time on their hands and sprawled on the flagstones engaging in idle gossip. This page contains exactly what was printed in the paper, including headlines.
  Part 47 - Sutton at War Part 5 - War Diary of Harold Emblem - The story of Lieutenant Harold Emblem is somewhat different to that of other Sutton 'Tommies', as the young man from New Street kept a diary. Harold’s record of his time in France has survived and documents the final 17 weeks of his war. These were also the last weeks in the life of the member of Sutton Parish Church's Young Men's Bible Class. Harold’s last diary entry of April 23rd 1918 refers to sniping, ending with "Hope for relief". It didn’t come and he was shot dead later that same day, whilst bravely attempting to seize ground from the enemy. This page tells Harold's story and offers a download of his diary.
  Part 48 - How Sutton's Changed - This page documents some of the changes that have taken place over the years within the Sutton district. As well as an introductory article, there are also articles on Sutton Manor village, the New Street estates, Edgeworth Street and Sutton Mill Dam & Community Action.
  Part 49 - Memories of Sutton Index of Articles - This page lists all of the Memories of Sutton pages and articles with a brief synopsis of the subjects and a direct link to each article.
  Parts 50 to 76 - Memories of Sutton Parts 1 - 27 - More than 60 articles written by 48 individuals who have contributed their recollections of the Sutton district.
  Part 77 - Can You Help? - This page contains photographs, mainly contributed by site visitors, which invite questions. Perhaps you can help by supplying an answer? Also requests for assistance with research are featured on this page. Please do get in touch if you can supply any answers or would like your own request placing on this page.
  Part 78 - Sutton Trivia & True Facts! - Articles include: ‘Dubious Medicines and Sutton Testimonials’, ‘The Great Fire of Sutton Moss’, ‘When Queen Victoria Came Through Sutton’, ‘Royal and Noble Visits to Ravenhead’, ‘The Flying Pharmacist of Junction Lane’, ‘The Night That 'E.T.' Came To Bold!’, ‘Frog Frying Tonight in Sutton!’, ‘Bally Whittaker - The Heavyweight Sutton Builder’, ‘The Great Sutton Storm of 1884’, ‘What Lord Haw Haw Said About Sutton’, ‘A Letter from the King of Belgium to Sutton’, ‘The Day That Sutton Brook Caught Fire!’ and ‘Fred Thomas - The Hermit of New Street’.
  Part 79 - Sutton Poetry - This page is devoted to poems mainly written about Sutton from a number of authors including Brian Salkeld and Frank Bamber. Some are composed in Lancashire dialect, such as 'Owd Ike Ashton' about the Fisher Street undertaker.
  Part 80 - Downloads - The downloadable documents include Frank Bamber’s books Clog Clatters in Old Sutton and Round About The Pits, the latest St.Helens Health Walks brochure, a plan of Sutton Parish Churchyard, Sutton Manor Colliery magazines, war diary, newspaper transcriptions etc.
  Part 81 - Children’s Corner - This page features contributions by Sutton youngsters to the children’s columns that used to be in local newspapers. The St.Helens Reporter’s version was originally known as the Children’s Circle (conducted by ‘Daddy’) and then became the Children’s Reporter (hosted by ‘Uncle Ben’). The page features poems, drawings, limericks and jokes.
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