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  Part 23 - Sutton Shops & Businesses - This page contains miscellaneous information, photographs, articles and adverts on shops and small businesses within the Sutton and Bold district. There is also an article entitled ‘Sutton Shopkeepers and Strikes’ which describes the difficulties shopkeepers endured during times of industrial unrest and provides a particularly violent example at the time of the 1893 strike.
  Part 24 - Transport in Sutton - This page chronicles the history of trains and buses in Sutton, St.Helens. Railway stations including St.Helens Junction, Sutton Oak, Clock Face and Lea Green are described, as well as Sutton Oak Engine Sheds and the St.Helens Junction Sheeting Shed. The famous intersection bridge and Sutton Incline are also explained. The development and chronology of steam and electric trams and trolley and motor buses are also explained.
  Part 25 - Transport in Sutton Timeline - This page chronologically examines developments in the transport infrastructure that allowed people and goods to get in and out of Sutton and Bold and be transported within the town of St.Helens. It also features the price of progress with details of the many train, tram and bus accidents that occurred.
  Part 26 - Health & Sanitary Conditions - This page contains articles on ‘Fevers and Sewers in Sutton’, ‘Industrial Health and Injuries’, ‘Mental Health’ including Rainhill Hospital, ‘Medical Practitioners’ including doctors Casey, Pennington, Bates, Tough, Cook, Bird, Campbell and Fox, plus ‘St.Helens Cottage Hospital and Sanatorium’ in Peasley Cross.
  Part 27 - Sutton Pubs & Beerhouses Part 1 - These two pages attempt to document all public / beer and off-licensed houses plus breweries, that have been situated in Sutton and its outlying areas. Part 1 features an 800 word introduction and an A - L directory of pubs.
  Part 28 - Sutton Pubs & Beerhouses Part 2 - The second of two pages which attempt to document all public / beer and off-licensed houses plus breweries in Sutton and its outlying areas. Part 2 features M - Z in the directory of pubs, as well as a list of all known off-licences and breweries.
  Part 29 - Sutton Sport - The range of sports and teams who have played in Sutton are featured in this page, along with notable players. The history of Sutton Cricket Club from its foundation in 1864 is described, along with the various football clubs who have played association or rugby football. Featured personalities include Mick Lawrence, goalkeeper Bernd 'Bert' Trautmann, winger John Connelly and referee Jim Finney from Sutton Road. The page is concluded with an appraisal of the Sutton Glassworks women’s football team.The Sutton Sport article describing the history of Sutton Cricket Club has been rewritten and expanded, with three new photographs added. Two of the pictures are team photos from the 1950s. These have been contributed by Geoff Chisnall, whose family were heavily involved with the club.
  Part 30 - Rapid Rise of Sutton Harriers - The Harriers athletics team were in their day as high profile sporting ambassadors for the town of St.Helens as Saints rugby league team are today, achieving remarkable national and international success within just 8 years of their formation. By 1906 the Harriers had won the National Cross Country Championships and their members accrued 13 sets of medals during their first 14 competitive championships. This page records the remarkable history of Sutton Harriers throughout the 20th century.
  Part 31 - Sutton Boxers & Wrestlers - As well as an introductory article, this page features articles on boxers Ernie Proudlove of Herbert Street, George 'Bold' Thomas, Mick Gordon who was known as "the fighting collier", Wilf Douglas from Junction Lane and Ray Shiel. There are also articles on Sutton Manor wrestlers Ike Beech and his son Billy 'Ted' Beech. The latter was also the masked mystery man 'Dr. Death' and sometimes called himself the 'Red Devil', 'Executioner', 'Black Arrow' or 'Hangman'.
  Part 32 - Leisure & Entertainment in Sutton - This page has the following articles: Early Closing and Moral & Social Improvement; Rise of the Excursionist; Enjoying the Parks of Sutton; Sutton's 'Show Field' or 'Show Back'; The Sutton 'Bug' - Sutton's Picture Palace; Wireless, Television & Rediffusion; Blinkhorn Rooms; Sutton Social Clubs and the St.Helens / Sherdley Show.
  Part 33 - Sutton Celebrations! - Devoted to photographs and reminiscences contributed by visitors to this website, which illustrate the different types of celebrations that have taken place over the years in Sutton. These include Walking Days, May Queen Parades, VE Day parties, Fancy Dress parties, Christmas parties, Whit walks, Gala Queens, Royal visits etc.
  Part 34 & 35 - A-Z of Sutton Streets - The derivation of 80 street and place names are explained over two pages including: Marshalls Cross Road, Eaves Lane, Leach Lane, Lancots Lane, Ellamsbridge Road, Watery Lane, Waterdale Crescent, Baxters Lane, Sherdley & Ell Bess, The Score & Scorecross, Clock Face, Sutton Oak, Heward Avenue, Beth Avenue & Freda Avenue. There is also an appendix on 'Street Name Changes' and three 'A to Z of Sutton Streets' downloads compiled from the 1841 to 1911 censuses.
  Part 36 - Pudding Bag - This page is devoted to the cul-de-sac that was nicknamed 'Pudding Bag' and which contained Woodcock Street (originally known as Church Street) and Railway Terrace. The houses were enclosed in a triangle composed of two sides of railway lines and were built for railway workers and their families. Around 200 people lived within Pudding Bag and they had their own pub, the Golden Cross.
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